Face to face therapy - One to one 

Therapy takes place in the therapy rooms where you will hopefully feel comfortable and relaxed . For those who may find talking face to face  difficult  we can use the art room to sit side by side and draw or be creative . 

£50 consulataion -90 minutes 
£50 per session One to One -60 minutes 


Video therapy 

  • If you have stable Wi-Fi you can access online counselling from the comfort of your own home  which can be very benifical espically during the covid virus 
  • It is especially beneficial if you can't leave your home easily, or can't find a local counsellor to work with.
  • Online counselling is cheaper than face-to-face counselling as there are less costs involved.
  • No travel is required.
  • Online counselling can be accessed from anywhere, even if you are not at home.
  • There is no need for scheduling the support offered to you via email.
  • It is private and confidential and might feel less intense, intrusive or stressful than face to face counselling.
  • It is still accessible if you are a parent and find it difficult to get childcare.
  • It might be more successful for those feeling at ease with the written word.
  • You may find the process of writing down the things that are on your mind very helpful in itself, and the act of sharing can provide some relief.
  • You may find that writing in comfortable and familiar surroundings reduces your inhibitions, allowing you to be more open than you might be face-to-face.
  • not suitable for a child under 12 unless they have a adult present

£50 consulataion -90 minutes 
£50 per session One to One -60 minutes 




Live texting therapy 

WhatsApp  or zoom live texting has proved popular with young people and also people who maybe struggle with social anxiety. 


£50 consulataion -90 minutes 
£50 per session One to One -60 minutes 




Telephone Therapy 

This is a good option for those who prefer to talk on the phone , busy lives or live a longer distance from Hexham. It's a good option during lockdown for those who don't  like video therapy . This can be booked for one off sessions for support and advise or for longer term therapy . Not suitable for under 12's


£50 consulataion -90 minutes 
£50 per session One to One -60 minutes 




Payment will be taken from the online booking system via debit/credit card. This is easy, quick and happens automatically on the day of your appointment using my online booking system.
Cancellation fees apply
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